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Glock 30S

Ever since the idea of a sub-compact double stack .45 pistol was introduced, the results have almost always been a series of trade-offs. Reducing the overall size and weight, potentially means issues with grip size and length, muzzle flip and shootability. Increasing the size and weight, makes the weapon harder to conceal, but easier to shoot.

Introduced by Glock in 2013, the Glock 30S is another attempt to meet that need. The 30S was the result of taking the best features and feedback from the Glock 30SF and the Glock 36, and then blending them together. The frame of the 30S is almost the same as the 30SF frame and the slide comes from the short and narrow Glock 36. The end result is a thinner, striker fired, sub-compact .45 that carries 10 rounds and is actually concealable to boot.

With most any pistol chambered in the potent .45 ACP caliber, the first concern seems to be centered on the recoil and the concept of “shootability”. So far, range reports indicate that the G30S has the same “felt” recoil of most compact or sub-compact pistols chambered in the S&W .40 caliber round. Range reports also indicated that the 30S, like most all Glock handguns, were not choosy with ammo and performed well with most any brand in different weights.

Some commonly asked questions about holsters for the Glock 30S:

Will the 30S fit a holster for the Glock 30SF or the Glock 36?
Unfortunately, it won’t (at least not well). While the frame is basically a 30SF, the thinner and shorter slide means the a holster designed for the Glock 30SF has issues with the slide and a holster made for the smaller Glock 36 won’t accommodate the larger 30SF size frame. Most holster makers have realized that the Glock 30S requires holsters made specifically to fit it.

Do you have any holsters available to fit the Glock 30S?
Yes. At the time of this writing, Don Hume wasn’t offering any models to fit the 30S yet, but MTR makes almost every holster in their line in a version to fit it. All those models can be seen down below.

What are some good concealed carry holsters for the Glock 30S?
The size of the 30S makes it ideal for IWB carry, and MTR features a number of IWB models down below. So far, popular IWB holster models for the 30S are the MTR Custom Dual Carry, and the MTR Custom Adversary model.

Do you offer any pocket or ankle holsters for this model?
Unfortunately, we don’t have any pocket models or ankle holster models available for the G30S yet, but we are working to get some.

What about a holster to fit a Glock 30S equipped with a tactical light or a laser?
It really depends on which model tactical light or laser. Shoot us an email and we are happy to check for you.

All the holster models listed below are made in a model to fit the Glock 30S handgun.

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