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Glock 30SF

One of the biggest complaints that Glock received about the popular Glock 21 model was the size of the grip and the distance between the grip and the reach to the trigger. Amongst the law enforcement market, the feedback to Glock centered on grip issues for officers with smaller hands. In some cases, those grip issues translated to lower qualification scores.


So, in an effort to address that problem, Glock introduced the G30SF model in 2008. Now the “SF” designation means “Short Frame”, and it basically means that the grip is designed to reduce the trigger reach (distance between the grip and the trigger) by 2.5mm. The 30SF model was actually introduced to the public first, and its success played a role in the short frame version of its kid brother, the Glock 29 (G29SF), being released the following year.

The G30SF uses a 10 round magazine like the standard G30, and the standard G30 magazine will also fit in a 30SF model. If you want more round capacity, the 13 round magazines from the larger Glock 21 will also fit in the 30SF as well.

Like most “semi-compact” 45 ACP handguns, one common concern is recoil, accuracy, and ability to get any follow-up shots back on target as quickly as possible. Most smaller (and polymer) 45 ACP guns have a hefty kick, but the G30SF actually handles it very well, thanks to a dual captive recoil system. The recoil is more of a push versus a violent snap, and the muzzle flip is minimal.

Here are some the common questions we see regarding holsters for the Glock 30SF:

#1 - Will a holster made for the Glock 30S also fit a Glock 30SF?

Unfortunately, it won’t as the 30S uses a thinner slide and has different dimensions. Even though they look similar, the 30Sf would be too large to fit in a G30S holster. It's common for people to get those two Glock models mixed up. If you need a holster for the Glock 30S, visit this page: http://www.gunnersalley.com/glock-30s/.

#2 – Will a 30SF fit in a holster made for a regular Glock 30?

The G29, G29SF, G30, and G30SF are all basically built on the same size frame and have the same basic dimensions. As such, any of those 4 models will fit in a holster made for a standard Glock 29 or Glock 30. Likewise, a Glock 30 will fit in a holster made for the G30SF or G29SF.

#3 – Since the 30SF is a short frame gun, isn’t the frame different from the regular G30?

Slightly different, but most all the difference in the frame is centered on the grip size and grip angle. Neither of those components really plays a role in how a holster fits, which is why a 30SF will fit in any G29 or G30 holster.

#4 – I have a 30SF model with a Crimson Trace CMR-206 laser attached to it. Do you have a gun holster to fit that?

We have a holster model that is specifically made to fit that weapon and laser combo, but that option isn’t listed in our store. If you are shopping for a holster to fit a Glock 30SF with a specific laser or light, give us a call as we might be able to help.

#5 – Do you carry an ankle holster to fit the 30SF?

The 30SF is on the big side for ankle carry so we really don’t have any brands that are making an ankle holster for it right now.

#6 – I’m looking for a more secure holster for my 30SF so do you carry any holsters for it with a retention strap?

Yes, we carry some holsters from Don Hume that have a thumb break and fit the 30SF, and most any MTR Custom holster can be produced with an optional thumb break.

Any of the holster models listed below are available in a model to fit the Glock 30SF 45 ACP pistol.

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