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Glock 36

After hearing so many requests for a more concealable Glock in 45 ACP, Glock broke the mold and came out with the Glock 36 model. This model was a true “first” for Glock as it was the first single stack magazine pistol they ever produced.

The G-36 is about the same dimensions as the uber popular Glock 19, except that the G-36 grip was much slimmer, carrying 6+1 rounds of .45 ACP. Unlike most other Glock models of the same caliber, the G-36 will not accept any other magazines from any of the higher capacity Glock 45 weapons.

The G-36 was s success with both law enforcement (especially for departments that carried the 45 ACP and needed a deep cover gun for plainclothes or undercover work) and in the CCW crowd.

Some commonly asked holster questions regarding the Glock 36:

#1 – Since it’s almost the same size as the Glock 19; will the G-36 fit in a Glock 19 holster?

Yes and no. Some holster manufacturers will fit the G-36 in a G-19, while others have s specific fit for the G-36. The slide on the G-36 is slightly wider so it can be a little tight in a G-19 holster. The biggest issue will be seen in situations where one is fitting a Glock 36 into a G-19 holster that has a thumb break. In those situations, the fit can be a problem.

#2 – Will the Glock 36 fit in a holster designed for the Glock 30?

To be honest, the Glock 19 is closer in size to the Glock 30 when it comes to fitting for a Glock 36 holster.

#3 – What’s a good IWB holster for the Glock 36?

The sub-compact size of the G-36 makes it ideal to be carried inside the waistband. We carry a number of holster models (in both the Don Hume line and the MTR Custom line) that offer an excellent IWB holster option. In terms of popularity, the Don Hume H715M WC and the MTR Custom Adversary are the 2 top selling IWB models for the G-36.

#4 – I’m not a big fan of IWB carry so what other holster options do you carry that would work to conceal the G-36?

Although the Glock 36 is a bit on the large side to be carried in a pocket, it does work well in an ankle holster. Another possible option would be a high riding belt holster that could be covered with a shirt. The Don Hume JIT Slide is a good choice for this type of carry.

Any holster displayed below is availabe in a version to fit the Glock 36.

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