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H&K P2000

Introduced to the market by H&K in 2001, the P2000 was marketed as a feature rich and compact version of the popular H&K USP series of pistols. Initially, the P2000 was offered in the 9mm caliber, with the .40 caliber and .357 Sig caliber coming out in 2002.

Built on nearly the same frame dimensions as the H&K USP Compact model, here’s where the P2000 is different:

  • Modular backstraps – While the USP series has a fixed grip size, the P2000 features a modular 4 backstrap set-up so the grip size can be adjusted for various hand sizes.
  • Picatinny Rail – The USP series is only offered with a proprietary H&K rail, which will only fit H&K accessories. In contrast, the P2000 comes with a standard M1913 picatinny rail that will accept most any light or laser set-up.
  • No safety – The USP series comes with an external safety, while the P2000 model does not.

The P2000 comes in 6 different trigger/cocking variations that offer different single action or double action configurations. Originally the P2000 was designed with a DA only trigger called the Law Enforcement Modification (or LEM trigger). This trigger version received some criticism due to it’s long and heavy not being conducive for accuracy, leading H&K to offer P2000 models with alternate trigger variations.

Although marketed for law enforcement and military use worldwide, H&K does not recommend the use of +P ammunition favored by US law enforcement.

Holsters shown below are produced in models to fit the H&K P2000 series of pistols.

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