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Kahr P380 CW380

With several ultra compact single stack .380 handguns on the market, the folks at Kahr Arms felt they could make a pocket .380 loaded with features that would shoot like full size handgun. And, given the success of the Kahr polymer MK series, they certainly could do it. In 2008, Kahr hit the mark when they released the Kahr P380.

Kahr P380 Holsters

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Initially, the P380 featured a polymer frame mated to a stainless steel slide. Weighing it at just under 10 ounces unloaded with a length of under 5 inches, the P380 is an ideal size for concealed carry. The P380 is also offered in a variation that features an external safety and a loaded chamber indicator; making is eligible to be sold in restrictive states like MA and CA.

Traditionally, ultra compact pistols offer limited accuracy given the size of the pistol and the barrel. However, Kahr uses a premium Lother Walther barrel on the P380, which is a quality barrel that isn’t typically found on a sub-compact .380 like this. The result is accuracy that far exceeds typical expectations of a pistol this size.

One issue that gun makers face with pistols of this size focused on the felt recoil and the ability to quick get back on target. Kahr’s unique design actually makes the felt recoil very minimal, which decreases muzzle flip and speeds up the transition to get back on target.

The P380 comes standard with a 6 round magazine, so the pistol has an overall capacity of 6+1. Kahr also offers an extended magazine with an extension that gets the capacity to 7+1. The magazines are high quality models made from stainless steel and use Wolff springs.

Currently Kahr is offering the 380 model in 9 variations:

  • CW380 – The budget version of the P380 series without all the higher end features
  • P380
  • P380 w/ Night Sights
  • P380 w/ CT Laser Sight
  • P380 Black Rose
  • P380 w/ LCI – with loaded chamber indicator
  • P380 w/ Night Sight & LCI
  • P380 Black
  • P380 Black w/ Night Sights

When compared side by with competitors like the Ruger LCP and the Sig P238, the P380 looks to use better components and offers more standard features (excluding the CW380 version). While the P380 costs more than either of the comparison models, it offers a whole bunch of gun for the money. The Kahr P380 is ideal to be carried in an IWB holster, a pocket holster, an ankle holster, or most any type of belt holster.

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Kahr P380 holster options:

#1 - Will a Kahr P380 fit in a holster made for a Kahr CT380?

Unfortunately, it won’t as those are two different Kahr models with different dimensions. Even though both are chambered in .380, the CT380 has a slightly longer barrel and is slightly wider than the P380.

#2 – Will the Kahr P380 fit into a holster made for the Kahr CW380?

As the Kahr P380 and the CW380 are built on the same frame and have the same dimensions, the answer is yes.

#3 – I have a Kahr P380 with a Crimson Trace laser attached. Do you offer any holsters to fit that gun?

Yes, we do and those holsters can be found here: Kahr P380 with Crimson Trace laser holster.

#4 – Can you suggest or recommend a Kahr P380 IWB holster?

We certainly can. Here are our most popular selling Kahr P380 IWB holster models:

Don Hume H715M W/C Clip-On IWB Holster (Not an option for the Kahr P380 with a laser mounted)

MTR Custom Adversary Clip-on IWB Holster

Don Hume H715M WCS Clip-On IWB with a Bodyshield (Also not an option for the Kahr P380 with a laser mounted)

MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary IWB with a Bodyshield

#5 – I’m looking for a nice Kahr P380 pocket holster. Any suggestions?

Any of the pocket holster models listed on our Pocket Holsters page are available in a version for the Kahr P380, but our top selling Kahr P380 pocket holster is this one: http://www.gunnersalley.com/mtr-custom-front-pocket-holster/.

#6 - Although it looks like this page is about Kahr P380 holsters, none of the holsters pictured on this page look like they are made to fit the P380, which is confusing?

Sorry for any confusion. To answer your question, the holsters below are for demonstration purposes only. The holster models listed on this page are made to fit the Kahr P380 even though they may not look like a holster made for the Kahr P380.

Any of the models listed below are available as a Kahr P380 holster.

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