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Sig P365

Sig Sauer introduced the Sig P365 Micro-Compact 9mm pistol at the 2018 SHOT show to quite a bit of fanfare and anticipation. The P365 was really designed to target the CCW market as a “higher” capacity concealed carry handgun that could be carried every day of the year (hence the 365 name with there being 365 days in a year.

Sig P365 Holster Models

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The most obvious question was: what’s the big deal with another micro-compact 9mm? Well, for starters, the capacity is kind of a big deal. Most micro-compact or even compact 9mm pistols designed for concealed carry are built in a single stack magazine design. Typically these designs feature a single stack design that will carry anywhere from 6-8 rounds, depending on the model.

In order to get more rounds into a single magazine, one typically has to use an extended magazine. While the extended magazine is certainly a viable option, it also adds length to the grip of the handgun. So, up until the P365, the only other way to increase the capacity of the micro-compact 9mm was accomplished by switching the design from a single stack over to a staggered double stack design. Moving to a double stack magazine design certainly increases the magazine capacity, but it also drastically increases the size of the grip, and impacts the overall size of the handgun.

Here’s where the P365 is different. It was built around a proprietary Sig patent-pending double stack/single stack magazine. As a matter of fact, Sig Sauer has reported that the Sig engineers built the magazine first, and then built the new P365 around the magazine.

The magazine is a double stack design that tapers into a single stack towards the top (which some in the firearms industry are calling a “semi double stack” or a “modified double/single stack”. This equals a 10+1 capacity for the standard P365 magazine, and a 12+1 round count for the P365 extended factory magazine. This new magazine design keeps the overall grip of the P365 every bit as slim and trims as most comparable singe stack 9mm CW pistols on the market.

To help put that in perspective, let’s compare the dimensions of the P365 with a standard magazine against a Glock 43 with a standard magazine. In that comparison, the P365 is .48” shorter than the G43, and the P365 grip is .05” narrower. Granted the loaded G43 weights 4 ounces less, but the P365 is carrying 10+1 rounds while the G43 (with a standard magazine) is carrying 6+1. So the P365 is only slightly heavier than a Glock 43 when loaded, but carries nearly 50% more rounds.

In some respects, the P365 utilizes design features from the Sig P238, P938, and Sig P320 series of pistols. From a pistol similarity standpoint, the P365 favors the popular Sig P320 series the most. Like the P320, the P365 uses a removable and serialized fire control unit in frame chassis. The trigger pull seems to be in the 5 lb range and reminds me of the trigger pull on a factory P320. And also, like the standard P320 series, the P365 doesn’t have fancy operational controls.

From a size standpoint, the P365 reminds me of a cross between a Kahr PM9 and a S&W M&P Shield, with the grip size being somewhere in between. If you have Paul Bunyon like hand, then your pinky is most likely going to hand off the grip with the standard magazine. However, you should be able to get a better grip with the 12 round extended magazine with a pinky rest.

Now that’s not to say that the P365 didn’t have some growing pains when it first hit the market in February of 2017. Early purchasers started noticing the following issues:

  • Issues of the P365 failing to go into battery sometimes
  • Failure to feed issues
  • Issues with the slide lock not locking on the final round
  • Issues with the standard SigLite sights that were built into the first generation models

To their credit, Sig jump on the issues early. They halted production of the 1st generation P365 models and made some changes including:

  • Ditching the SIGLITE sights on the P365’s and replacing them with the newer X-RAY 3 day/night sights.
  • Made spring adjustments to address the occasional failure to go into battery issues
  • Introduced relief cuts into the barrel to reduce wear

The so called “2nd generation” Sig Sauer P365 models are now shipping and current reports seem to indicate that the issues have been resolved.

Here are some of the more common Sig P365 holster questions that we see:

Do you offer a concealed carry holster for the Sig Sauer P365 handgun?

Yes, any of the concealed carry holster styles listed below are made in a version to fit the Sig Sauer P365.

Will the Sig Sauer P365 fit in a gun holster made for the Sig P320 SubCompact since they are close to the same size?

Unfortunately, it won’t. Although the two Sig Sauer pistol models are close in size, the P365 is a completely different frame so it won’t fit well in a holster made for a P320 SubCompact.

The P365 looks to be the almost the same size as the S&W M&P Shield. Will it fit in a holster for the S&W M&P Shield?

We actually tried test fitting a P365 in an M&P shield holster, but the 365 didn’t fit well at all.

Sig Sauer has indicated that the P365 is a replacement for the P290RS. Will the P365 fit in a holster made for the P290RS?

Sorry but it won’t. The dimensions between the P290RS (which has now been discontinued by Sig) is actually much different than the P365. And, likewise, a Sig P290RS will not fit in a P365 holster.

Do offer a Sig P365 pocket holster?

Yes, we do and those pocket holster models can be seen here:

MTR Front Pocket holster: https://www.gunnersalley.com/mtr-custom-front-pocket-holster/

Don Hume 001 Front Pocket: https://www.gunnersalley.com/don-hume-001-front-pocket-holster/

Rear Pocket Holster: https://www.gunnersalley.com/mtr-custom-back-pocket-holster/

Can you recommend a Sig P365 appendix carry holster?

Although we don't currently carry a dedicated appendix carry holster (commonly called AIWB for Appendix Inside the Waistband holster) for the Sig Sauer P365 yet, this model of IWB holster is popular for appendix carry: https://www.gunnersalley.com/mtr-custom-tuckable-adversary-clip-on-iwb-holster-with-a-bodyshield/

Do you carry a Sig P365 ankle holster?

Yes, we do and here are links to the Sig P365 ankle holster models that we carry:

Don Hume Ankle Safe: https://www.gunnersalley.com/don-hume-ankle-safe-ankle-holster/

Don Hume H760 Ankle Holster: https://www.gunnersalley.com/don-hume-h760-ankle-holster/

Can you recommend or suggest a good Sig P365 OWB Holster?

Our most popular OWB holster models for the Sig P365 are the following ones:

Don Hume JIT Slide Holster

Don Hume H710 Belt Holster

MTR Custom SlimLine Deluxe Pancake Holster

Don Hume H721-OT Belt Holster

Can you point me or direct me to the Sig Sauer P365 magazine holster models that you offer?

When you say "P365 magazine holster" or P365 mag holster", we assume that you are asking about a mag carrier for the P365? If so, any magazine carrier on the following page, is available in a version to fit a Sig P365 magazine: https://www.gunnersalley.com/magazine-carriers/.

Do you have any holster options for the Sig P365 XL handgun?

We do offer leather OWB and IWB holster models to fit the P356 XL, and those can be seen here.

I just bought one of the new P365 models with a manual safety, but it doesn't seem to fit most regular 365 holsters. Do you have a holster to fit the safety model?

Yes we do and those can be found here: Sig P365 with safety holster.

Do you have any Sig Sauer P365 leather holster options?

We specialize in leather holsters and concealed carry options so any of the leather holster models you see listed at the bottom of this page are available in a version to fit the P365.

Can you point me to a paddle holster made for the P365?

Our most popular selling paddle holster for the P365 is this model: MTR Custom Paddle Holster.

Will a standard P365 fit into a holster made for the Sig Sauer P365 XL?

The P365 XL features a slightly longer barrel so a standard P365 would fit into a Sig Sauer P365 XL holster, but there would be just a bit if extra space at the end of the holster.

Why isn’t there a Sig Sauer P365 pistol pictured in any of the holsters shown on below?

Good question and here's the answer: The weapons shown in the holsters below are for demonstration purposes only. The holsters  listed on this page are made specifically to fit the P365 even though other handgun models are displayed in the holster models below. We try to photograph as many gun/holster combinations as possible, however we do not own every single handgun model on the market. As a result, we are not able to show every possible combination.

Any holster or magazine carrier listed below is available in a version to fit the Sig P365.

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