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Sig Sauer P228

While the Sig Sauer P226 was an extremely popular handgun for law enforcement and home defense, both entities expressed an interest in a more compact version of the P226, while keeping a higher capacity. The result was the Sig P228, which was introduced in 1988. The 228 was basically a P226 with a slightly shorter barrel (about an inch less) and a slightly shorter grip.


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Unlike the P226, which is chambered in 9mm, .40 cal., and 357 Sig, the 228 is only available in 9mm. The P228 was introduced with a 13 round magazine, but a 10 round and 15 round magazine was also available. The 228 will also accept the 15 or 20 round 9mm magazines from the larger P226. The controls on the P228 are exactly the same as the P226 (and most popular Sig DA/SA models).

When the 228 was first introduced to the market, the law enforcement demand was so high, that it was only available for LEO use. The following year, it was released to the general public. A few years later, Sig introduced a military only version of the P228 called the Sig M11.

In 2011, Sig discontinued production of the P228 due to the popularity of the Sig P229. However, due demand, Sig re-introduced a limited run of a special P228 series with a picatinny rail, called the P228R. The 228R models were only available for a short time and were produced in a limited quantity.

When the S&W .40 caliber round was introduced in 1990, Sig originally planned on offering the 228 version in this round. However, testing revealed that the slide on the P228 wasn’t strong enough to support the increased pressure from the .40 caliber cartridge. Given the rising popularity of the round and the success of the P228, Sig opted to strengthen the material on the frame/slide and introduce the Sig P229. The P229 basically replaced the P228 in both the civilian and LEO market.

Here are some commonly asked holster questions we’ve seen regarding the Sig P228:

#1 – Will the P228 fit in a holster made for the P226?

Yes, it will, but you’ll have about an inch of surplus holster.

#2 – I see a number of holsters made for the P229, but not that many offered for the P228? Why is that?

Since the P228 and the non-railed P229 models are built on the same frame and have the same basic dimensions, most holster makers lump the 228 and the 229 into the same holster fit. In most cases, a holster made or marketed for the P229 will fit a P228 just fine.

#3 – I have one of the limited Sig P228R models you mentioned above. Do you offer a holster to fit that?

Yes, the 228R will fit any holster made for a Sig P229 with a rail (also called a Sig P229R).

#4 – I have a Sig M11. What kind of holsters do you offer to fit it?

Any holster made for the 228 will fit a M11 model.

#5 – Do you offer any holsters to fit the newer Sig M11-A1 model, which is kind of built like a P228?

Yes, holsters to fit the M11-A1 can be found here.

Any of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the P228.

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