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Sig Sauer P239

While the Sig P230 was considered a successful model, the market handgun market was beginning to move towards smaller 9mm models. While the Sig P228 and P229 fit that description, Sig fans were really looking for something a little smaller. In November of 1995, Sig introduced the P239, which was a smaller single stack 9mm handgun that was larger than the P230, but smaller than the P228/229. The 239 was built more for the American market as it featured a traditional US based magazine release button on the side of the frame versus the heel magazine release found on the P230.


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The initial P239 models were designed with a 7 round magazine so the capacity was 8+1, which put it in compliance with the then standing Crime Bill of 1994 that limited magazine capacity to 10 or less. The P239 had a few other firsts for Sig:

#1 – The P239 was the first Sig to ever feature a spurless hammer

#2 – The 239 was the first 9mm ever offered by Sig with a magazine finger rest for better grip.

While the 9mm version of the P239 was introduced in 1995, the .40 caliber and 357 Sig versions were introduced to the market in 1996.

Currently the Sig P239 is available in 2 versions:

  • P239 Nitron Compact (which is the base model 239)
  • P239 SAS Gen 2 Compact (The SAS designation stands for “Sig Anti-Snag” which is means this model has gone through a dehorning process that removes the sharp edges which results in a “snag-free” profile)

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the P239:

#1 – I have a Sig P239 in 40 cal and saw on a forum that this model won’t fit a holster made for the 9mm version? Is that correct?

First, don’t believe everything that you read in forums. Second, that’s not correct. The 9mm and .40 caliber, and .357 Sig caliber versions of the P239 are all built on the same frame and have the same dimensions. As such, any P239 in any of those calibers will fit a holster made for a Sig P239.

#2 – I have the P239 SAS model but don’t see a holster specifically for the SAS version? Do you offer anything to fit the 239 SAS model?

Not specifically because the differences between the SAS model and the standard Nitron version of the P239 are so minute, the SAS fits in a holster for the standard 239.

#3 – I have a P239 with a light and I wanted to see if you offer a holster to fit that?

Well, since the P239 isn’t currently built in an integrated rail, mounting a light or laser would be a challenge and require some type of add on rail kit. Shoot us an email with the specific details, and we’ll certainly see if we can help.

#4 - I’ve heard that the P239 will also fit in a holster made for the Sig P290? Is that correct?

No, the P239 has significantly different dimensions compared to the smaller P290 or P290RS so it won’t fit in a holster made specifically for the 290 (at least, not like a holster is made to fit).

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit a Sig P239 in any caliber.

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