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Sig Sauer P320 Compact

Although the Sig P320 is available in 4 different frame sizes, the P320 Compact seems to the most popular seller of the 4 (followed closely by the P320 Sub-Compact model). Like the other P320 models, the 320 Compact was also introduced in 2014 with a 9mm, .40 cal., and 357 Sig calibers, while the 45 ACP versions followed in early 2015.


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The overall popularity of the P320 series is a testament to the amount of planning, testing, and evaluations that the Sig engineers went through before the P320 was released. The entire 320 series is based on the early Sig P250 pistol series, which was/is considered a marginal success in the firearms industry as far as the Sig pistol brand goes. However, Sig took all the positive aspects of the P250, along with a few completely ideas, and introduced a new era at Sig in terms of a striker fired, polymer frame pistol.

One of the biggest complaints with striker fired pistols involves aspects of the trigger including the over pull, travel, inconsistent pull weights between shots, and long resets. It appears that Sig has spent a great deal of time on the P320 trigger as it consistently gets extremely high marks in this area.

Below are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Sig P320 Compact:

#1 – I have a Sig P320 Fullsize and a Sig P320 Compact model. Do I need a holster for each one or is there one holster that will fit both?

The answer is: it depends on the holster and how you want to carry. For starters, most any holster that you have or get for the larger Sig P320 fullsize, will also fit the Sig P320 Compact model. In those situations, the Compact will fit the fullsize holster but you’ll have a bit of extra holster left at the bottom of the holster when carrying the Compact. If you happen to be looking for an outside the waistband holster, then you could buy an open bottom model, and it would fit both pistols just fine. If neither of those options seem doable, then you’ll probably be better off to buy a separate holster for each of the different gun models.

#2 – I’m interested in ordering a holster for my P320 Compact but I don’t see where you have a holster listed for my P320 Compact in .357 Sig?

Since the P320 series is built on a modular concept, the pistol has the same dimensions regardless of the caliber. This is why we only list the various P320 models versus the model and the caliber. A holster made for the P320 Compact will fit any P320 Compact in 9, 40, or 357 Sig. The most important aspect of ordering is making sure you select the correct P320 model as the frames and barrel lengths are different.

#3 – I’m interested in a Don Hume holster but don’t see any listed for the P320 Compact 9/40?

Officially speaking, Don Hume doesn’t offer any holsters to fit the P320 Compact. However, the Sig P250 Compact and the P320 Compact are the same size so a Don Hume holster made for the Sig P250 Compact will fit the P320C. An addition, any of the Don Hume holster models made with an open bottom for the Sig P250 Compact, will also fit any Sig P320 weapon. Those models include the following:

Don Hume JIT Slide

Don Hume H710

#4 – I have a light or laser on my P320C but I’m having trouble finding a holster for to fit it. Can you help?

Possibly and it really depends on the light or laser. MTR Custom offers holsters for the Sig P320 Compact (actually they support all the P320 models) with a variety of lasers and/or lights attached. If MTR has the laser or light model, then they can do a holster to fit it.

#5 – I’m running the small grip module on my P320C. Do I need to order a special holster to accommodate that grip model?

Even though the grip modules are different on the P320 series, they don’t play a role in holster fit. The key for holster fit is making sure you ordered a holster for the correct P320 model as the frame sizes are different.

Any holster listed below will fit the Sig Sauer P320 Compact in 9/40:

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