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Glock 43

For years, Glock aficionados have been pining for a single stack Glock 9mm. Well, in early 2015, that wish became a reality when Glock released the G43, which is Glock’s first ever single stack 9mm model.rh-sb-h715mwc-glock43.jpg

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While the G43 has a number of very interesting upsides, it also has a few downsides, depending on your personal feelings. Those disadvantages include the following:

Non-interchangeable magazines – One of the many big pluses of the Glock line has always been the unique magazine interchangeability, which means a higher capacity magazine of the same caliber from a larger Glock model can be used in a smaller framed model of the same caliber. For example, a mag from a Glock 19 can be used in a smaller Glock 26. Given that the G43 is the first Glock of it’s kind with a single stack 9mm, no other Glock mag will fit it, and it’s mag can’t be used in any other Glock weapon.

Limited capacity – If you’re a Glock fan in a non-restrictive state, then the name Glock usually equates to a high capacity pistol. With it’s 6+1 capacity, the Glock 43 isn’t going to be what most are use to in a Glock as far as capacity goes. However, the G43 is a single stack model that is built for concealed carry, so one can’t expect a 15 round capacity in a package this small.

The 43 was really built for the CCW crowd or for use as a back-up weapon. So far, the G43 has shown to be a proven winner with Glock and has been selling on a torrid pace since it was released. As a matter of fact, the G43 may go down in history as the most popular pistol Glock has ever produced, surpassing the popular Glock 19 and Glock 26 models. As with most Glock models, the Glock 43 has had few complaints or issues so far.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about holsters for the Glock 43:

#1 – I’m trying to find a specific Don Hume holster for the G43, but I don’t see the 43 listed as an option for that holster model?

While Don Hume is offering a number of their holster models for the Glock 43, they don’t offer every holster in their line for the G43. For the most part, the G43 is only offered in Don Hume’s most popular holster models.

#2 – Do you have any holsters to fit the Glock 43 with a Crimson Trace laser?

At this point, Don Hume isn’t offering any holster models to fit the Glock 43 with any laser or lights. However, MTR Custom is making holsters to fit the Glock 43 with a Crimson Trace laser in red or green. Those holsters for the G43 with CT can be seen here: G43 with a red CT (LG-443) or Glock 43 with a Green CT (LG-443G).

#3 – Do you carry any ankle holsters for the Glock 43?

As it stands right now, we don’t carry any brands offering ankle holsters for that model.

#4 – Do you have anything to fit a Glock 43 carrying a Streamlight TLR-6?

Yes we do and those can be seen here.

#5 - I have a holster for a Glock 42. Will the G43 fit in it?

Unfortunately, the G43 is slighty larger than the Glock 42 so it won't fit in a holster for the Glock 42, and a G42 is slightly too small to fit a G43 holster.

Holsters listed below are available for the Glock 43.

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